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Treow Marpolder inviting me to go with him on search for next tree to add to new ship! I be asking if I might be seeing a treewytr but he say it unlikely.  He  warning me that I must be leaving grove if his urchin refusing to chat and I fearing this be happening.  His urchin most unfriendly to me.


I be seeing three treewytrs.  Master Marpolder surprised.  He thinking I might be suited for boat builder.  First treewytr be glaring and urchin be telling us to hurry away from it.  After we slide down slope to brook we find second treewytr.  It be very upset.  It be attacked by Chewers for days.  Master Marpolder say it be falling down soon but his urchin unable to convince it to join ship.  I not thinking treewytrs be having such strong feelings.  Master Marpolder saying I not be builder yet and have much to learn.

Only I be seeing last treewytr.  It be peeking out between leaves but be hiding when I pointed it out to Master Marplder.  

After supper Master Marpolder offer me apprenticeship!  I be thanking him but be saying I must finish Tour before I be making my decision.  Alef telling me it great honour to be offered apprenticeship when I not be from the Clan.   It be grand to hear after what Captain Farecrock be telling me!

~ from the journal of Oakshott Tokenkeeper

     The Grand Tour of Oakshott Tokenkeeper is a fantasy story of a young girl starting off her career in the family business by going on a grand tour of her planet.  The illustrations and comments come from the journal she keeps of her travels.

     I like to draw fantasy settings and characters but so many fantasy stories have been already been illustrated by great artists. My mentor, Victor Arcega, suggested that I create my own story to illustrate and so the Grand Tour was born.  It is not meant for publication (although I wouldn't say no) but to give me a fantasy world to illustrate.

The Grand Tour of Oakshott Tokenkeeper

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